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*Free shipping for orders over R1000 only to major cities (T&C's apply)


The decision to print in PETG when one is used to printing in PLA or similar can be daunting. We tend to stay with what we know and not “risk” trying something new. While PLA is a great filament and has its place, PETG is definitely becoming a contender for why not PETG? 

PLA generally does come in more color options and types. However PETG has become much easier to print with and in some cases is just as easy to print with as PLA. It is recommended to have an all metal hotend when printing with PETG, this is due to the increased printing temperatures, as opposed to PLA. If durability is of importance, why not ABS? The durability of an ABS print is superior to PLA, it does however come with added printing requirements and is not great for one's health if not printed in a well ventilated room. It seems then, that PETG wins over ABS as well. 

As mentioned, PETG is much easier to print with and it is much more durable and versatile. There are almost endless applications that can use PETG 3D print. Outdoor applications are best printed in PETG as PETG will withstand the elements. The slight flexibility of PETG makes it far more durable and less brittle than PLA. The cost of PETG and PLA are very similar, if not not the same depending on the seller.

 Below are some examples of the PETG print we have done at Da Vinci Lab.

Fin Box Mount
General Hook
Drill Belt Clip

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