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*Free shipping for orders over R1000 only to major cities (T&C's apply)
6 Months of SA Filament

6 Months of SA Filament

It has been 6 month since SA Filament as entered the 3D printing market with their high quality filament. 

Below is a Facebook post by SA Filament:

"Exactly 6 months ago we printed our first Benchy with the very first #SAFilament filament. Today we have 72 different materials and colors proudly developed and manufactured right here in SA. We could not have achieved so much in such a short time without the support from every single one of you. Thank you very much for all the support and we aim to double the variety of filament to within the next 6 months! THANK YOU SOUTH AFRICA!"

We also asked SA Filament to give us their top challenges they have faced over the past 6 months  as well as their highlights.

Their challenges:

1. Buying the correct machines and setting up our factory with almost no help from the manufacturers as they could not fly here to install and train us. Delays in delivery by 3 months due to Covid.
2. Finding trustworthy and affordable international raw materials suppliers used by top European manufacturers in a time where there is a massive shortage of materials
3. Local development of correct additive recipes to maximize local content (discarded about 3000 rolls worth of filament)
4. Getting continuous supply of raw material as there are still shortages
5. Collaborate with multiple companies to ensure as much as possible local content.
6. Gaining the trust of South Africans and South African retailers that international standard filament can be made locally.
Their highlights:
The rewarding part is when we work on a formula and the test benchy comes out exactly like we wanted. But the most rewarding is the extremely positive feedback we have been getting from users and retailers. We are getting compliments on a daily basis which encourages us to invest even more into new product development.
DaVinci Lab looks forward to the next 6 months in pursuing further growth for both brands.




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