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*Free shipping for orders over R1000 only to major cities (T&C's apply)
Fil-X SBS 3D printer filament

SBS Filament, the miracle filament?

What is SBS:

If you’re tuned in to all the 3D printing news, you may have already heard of SBS filament. We’re here to get you filled in on what it is, how to use it and where you can find it.

SBS stands for styrene-butadiene-styrene but what does that mean to you, the 3D creator? This unique filament blends hard styrene and rubber which results in 3D prints that are strong but retain some flexibility.

What it is used for:

You‘ve probably already been in contact with SBS in your day-to-day life. SBS is commonly used in items such as the soles of shoes, car tyres, engineering and more. SBS filament is great for printing fashion items and engineering parts that need to take some wear and tear while remaining strong in its shape and have high temperature resistance. In terms of finished consistency, SBS resembles that of a hard rubber like material and the finish is silky.

Why use it:

What else makes SBS a wicked filament? SBS filament has no chemical odour during printing. SBS filament prints fine layers that come out looking silky and luxurious, a 3D creator’s dream. If you’re already a 3D creator, you can probably relate to the annoyance of filaments that have absorbed moisture but that’s not the case with SBS, it does not absorb moisture which means you don’t need or worry about baking filament ever again, finally!

SBS filament is a forgiving filament and is a great option for both experienced and novice 3D creators. This filament requires print settings that are similar to that of PLA print settings. It can withstand high temperatures after printing, which means it can be left in the sun or hold your cup of tea without becoming distorted. Did I mention that its dishwasher safe? It is extremely durable and designed for high wear and tear. SBS has been FDA approved which means it can come in contact with food (both hot and cold), I foresee some creative star wars mugs being printed here…

How to use it:

For the best SBS printing results we recommend print settings that are similar to that of PLA. A glass bed is preferred as well as thin layer of hairspray to ensure good bed adhesion. If you want to smooth out those layers even more, we recommend using d-limonene. Before using your finished print for holding food and drink we recommend washing the item because hairspray never tasted good to anyone.


Print Settings:

  • Nozzle 195 - 215 
  • Bed 60 ℃
  • Speed as per PLA 
  • Cooling as per PLA

SBS filament is softer then PLA and PETG off the spool, therefore it is important to make sure the tension spring on the extruder is not overtightened. 

Get your roll of SBS filament and all your 3D printing needs at Da Vinci Lab by clicking HERE

Here are some pictures and links to some recommended SBS prints:

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