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MKS TMC2100 Stepper Driver

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The MKS TMC2100 stepper driver allows for ultra quiet 3D printer operation.


    1. Default current:0.5a
    2. Recommend current:0.5a-0.7a
    3. Max current:1a
    4. Logic voltage:3.3v/5v
    5. Input voltage:5v-46v
    6. Microstep:up to 1/256

    Microstep set:

    16 microstep chip internally and up to 256 microstep.

    Driver current rules:

    1. DO NOT connect the motors when measuring the voltage, this can cause damage to the drive.
    2. Connect the main power supply when measuring voltage  and not only the USB power supply.
    3.  Make sure of the direction and insert correctly. Do not reverse the direction. 

    *Heat sink included