DaVinci Lab PLA Filament (1.75mm)

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DaVinci Lab’s PLA  (Polylactic acid) is a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic  aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources. 

Davinci Lab PLA 

Print temp :- 190 - 220 degrees 

Heated Bed :- 50 - 60 degrees (optional) 

Speed range :- 50 - 80mm/s optimal

Printability :- Easy 

Weight: - 1kg



Customer Reviews

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Critical Failure of Filament During Print.

I purchased two roles of White PLA 1.75mm filament two weeks ago.
During a long print (72+ hours) one of the newly purchased filament rolls failed; resulting in a print failure.
The filament snapped cleanly in two places less than an hour into the print.
There was no stress or obstruction detected on the feeding process.
It seems to have been an internal failure of the filament.
I struggle to identify this as anything other than a fault that occurred during the manufacture of the filament.
I can provide evidence if needed.

One of the best

I've dealt with many brands over the years, but once I started using DaVinci Lab's filament, I found it to be so much better. I've swapped out filaments on the fly and also my printer has a "Pause at height" feature, which also made swapping out the filament easier and both layers would bond perfectly. The final result is a print that is of high quality. The price range is also very affordable.

Very, good

Sometimes need to dry the filament before use, but I think they all need this.

PLA Filament

Hi I have been testing and using Da Vinci Filament for a while now. The Filament is good for its price, I has seen a few comments with regards to comparing Filament types and Brands, When first using Da Vinci Filament a lot of tweaks and changes need to be made to get it right. If you are swopping brands you may have different lets say "compound ratios" hence your machine will give different results with different brands. I have also found that specific brands work better with specific machines as they are easier to turn in to and get good quality prints.

The bubbling and the filament not sticking is a common issue I have had with Filament (Not Just Di Vinci) of which is the result of living in a humid area and not putting the spool back into the quite handy package provided with it which is a nice zip lock which I have not seen from any other branded supplier I have purchased from. The Da Vinci Filament does however deteriorate faster than any other brand I have use if left out of the packaging but again when comparing price I cannot expect the benefits of the top end PLA filament (Which give their own challenges).

Da Vinci PLA

1. Use Blue Painters tape - It will stick every time and not lift off the bed - I have done over 1 000 prints on a heated and unheated bed and it works, if your having a problem it is most likely related to your nozzle height/temp.
2. Use PEI build plate - will stick but at the price of damaging the bed - Use additional adhesion
3. Use PC build plate - will stick for a few times then it will no longer stick - Use additional adhesion


DaVinci Lab PLA Filament (1.75mm)